Norr Vision Enhancer – Helps aging eyes feel younger


Do you feel your vision is becoming dim? 

Vision deteriorates with age. One common problem is that the lens of the eye may begin to cloud over and become less sharp than what it was in your younger years. This is a problem known as cataracts which is characterised by things such as cloudy, dimmed and blurry vision.

Colours appear faded and brownish in the corners of your vision. Night vision may also be negatively impacted.

Cataracts cannot usually be operated on immediately given that they tend to develop slowly over time. The Norr Vision Enhancer may just provide the solution, however, namely by delaying the progress of your cataracts.

Norr Vision Enhancer – Distance can contribute to:
  • improved contrast vision thanks to the specially adapted filter
  • improved visual sharpness
  • possible delay of age-related changes to the eye

Not approved for night driving


Has your detail vision deteriorated?

The macula is the part of the eye that contains the highest concentration of photoreceptor cells, which are special cells that allow us to see. Medically speaking, any changes to the macula are referred to as ’macular degeneration’. 

This is the most common cause of impaired visual sharpness and detail vision deterioration that occurs with age.

The most common symptom is that the things we see in the corners of our vision begin to appear grey and blurry. When reading, parts of words may seem to disappear, and from time to time you may notice small spots in the centre of your vision.

Norr Vision Enhancer – Close Up can help to:
  • improve contrast vision using a specially adapted filter
  • improve visual sharpness
  • possible delay of age-related changes to the eye

Not approved for driving

Norr Vision Enhancer – Distance is a Cover to use over your regular frame and can be helpful to you when your cataract is still not operable. In most cases it will help to enhance you’re contrast vision through the specially designed yellow filter ready made in the solution.

It will help to provide a better visual acuity, especially in dim conditions.

Norr Vision Enhancer – Close-up comes in different variations.

If you are frame user, you will find a Cover both without any correction and one with a reading power of +1.

Do you need reading help, you will find an unisex frame in 4 different powers – +2, +2,5, +3 and +4.