Norr Night Drivers

For tired eyes in the dark!

As a motorist, you encounter many challenges, and your eyes are subjected to a great deal of strain.

Driving in the dark, poor lighting conditions, being dazzled by the LED lights of oncoming traffic and driving at both dawn and dusk are all part of your daily life as a motorist. But you may also suffer from something known as night myopia; a tendency for the eyes to become short-sighted in darker conditions.

Norr Night Drivers have been primarily developed for motorists. They are fitted with a light yellow filter that helps you more safely determine your distance from other vehicles and which enhances your contrast and detail vision at the same time as it lets in as much other light as possible.

Norr Night Drivers are also enhanced with a lens strength of -0.25 that helps you see better in the dark and they have an anti-reflective coating which reduces glare and reflections.

Norr Night Drivers help you to:

– more quickly assess situations and distances in traffic by enhancing your detail and contrast vision

– see better in the dark

– reduce the effect of glare from the LED lights of modern cars

Calle showing a night driver frame
Night Driver Utter